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Sea Kayak Safety is a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of safety skills and consideration for sea kayaking.

The video's format enables the viewer to access relevant information quickly, making it a fantastic resource for both instructors and recreational paddlers alike.

Each rescue technique is divided into 3 separate parts to reinforce the learning experience:

  1. The rescue technique starts with coaching on flat water, shown from different camera angles
  2. The same rescue is then shown on rough water so the viewer can see how it is done in a real live situation
  3. The final sequence shows the rescue again, but this time the action is frozen and illustrated with bullet points at crucial moments

In making this video, Rock and Sea Productions worked with both BC and American coaches to give paddlers from all over the world a non-prescriptive insight into the many different perspectives of this challenging sport.


Reviews of Sea Kayak Safety

Sea Kayaker Magazine

It's one thing to show kayakers what to do in an emergency; it's quite another to show them what to expect.

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Sea Paddler UK Website

Leo Hoare and Olly Sanders, two highly respected sea kayak coaches, have produced this video, which I am certain will become a valuable resource for all paddlers who are interested in recreational sea kayaking.

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