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This video is aimed at paddlers wishing to get in bigger water. It took two years to film and has input from some of the best paddlers and coaches around.

A comprehensive look at the skills needed to play in rough water, be it in tidal races, swell or surf. Some of the best coaches and paddlers around give you top advice on getting the most out of your play. The footage is shot on the world famous and challenging tidal races of Anglesey.

Chapters include:

  • Breaking in/out
  • Surfing
  • Rough Water Manoeverin
  • Reading Big Water
  • Close Quartering
  • Crossing Current
  • Forward Speed
  • Edging and Leaning

Plus a bonus feature on an expedition to Greenland.


Reviews of Rough Water Handling

Sea Kayaker Magazine

Rough Water Handling is a great way to show calmer water paddlers what adventures await them and how they can prepare for handling those waters.

Ocean Paddler Magazine

It is awe inspiring and more than a little intimidating to watch great sea kayakers cruising through rough water. In mountainous seas they accomplish turns and surf runs most of us can barely attempt in force four. many of their skills seem to be utterly instinctive and I doubted they could be dissected, codified and explained. Yet after watching this DVD, I think I understand a little more about how they do it.