Digital Video Download 

This video features clips from a wide range of locations and expeditions and advice from some of the best coaches and expedition paddlers.

The digital format enables you to access the information on mobile devices as well as desktop PCs and the content will assist and inspire you to have successful and enjoyable adventures:

  • Planning
  • Picking the team
  • Resources
  • Paddling lightly
  • Expedition kit
  • Kayaks Paddles
  • Paddling kit
  • Tents
  • Packing Fuel, food and fluids
  • Water
  • Nutrition
  • Waste disposal
  • Looking after yourself
  • Injury prevention
  • Psychology
  • First aid
  • Weather Safety
  • Wildlife
  • Firearms
  • Communication
  • Appendices: Tactics, Filming, History of sea kayaks

Olly and Nige have worked closely with a wide range of coaches and expedition paddlers to bring you advice and handy hints, these include:

  • Dale Williams
  • Tom Bergh
  • Nigel Dennis
  • Phil Clegg
  • Des Keaney
  • Trys Burke
  • Loel Collins
  • Sid Sinfield
  • Ray Goodwin
  • Eila Wilkinson
  • Doug Cooper
  • Howard Jeffs
  • Marcus Demuth
  • Phil Eccles
  • Zac Laraman
  • Jann Engstad
  • Roger Chandler
  • Simon Osbourne