What they say about ClimbSafe Production's 'Self Rescue For Climbers' video.

Clearly and attractively filmed in locations around Snowdonia, Gogarth, Malham and the Peak, the narrative belts along at a brisk pace. Sander's and Long's ropeside manner is exemplary... no pretentious soliloquising or patronising dumbing down. Self Rescue takes full advantage of the utility of the DVD format over print media when explaining rope tricks such as bypassing a knot on an abseil or forming a klemheist prusik.

You rarely consider as a climber being involved in a serious or potentially serious incident until it happens - a bit late then to start wishing you had watched the new 'Self Rescue For Climbers' DVD, while wondering if you should use a prusik or auto-block knot to help lower your injured partner to safety.