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From complete novice to experienced Sea Kayaker, Rock and Sea Adventures provides a wide range of courses and tours in the UK, Sardinia and Norway.

Rock and Sea Adventures presents our selection of Rock experiences. Climb with us in the U.K to increase your knowledge and skills, or hone and challenge skills you already have.

Rock and Sea Adventures now offer the latest syllabus British Canoeing and UKCC Coaching and Star Awards.

Rock and Sea Adventures offers courses in both Navigation and Self-Rescue - two essential skills for all that play on Rock - as well as SPA training and assessment courses for those that want to crank their climbing skills up a notch.

Course Start Date 13-01-2019
Course End Date 13-01-2019
Available places 5
Individual Price £50.00

Sorry this course is full, please contact us to arrange a bespoke training course

Course Start Date 01-06-2019
Course End Date 02-06-2019
Available places 4
Individual Price Free